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Toyo Tyres USA

Toyo Tyres USA

Toyo Tyres USA
Toyo Tyres USA

Toyo Tyres USA

Toyo Tyres USA Corp. is continuing its long-time support of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA), signing a five-year renewal covering the 2016–2020 racing seasons. Toyo has been the official tyre of NASA since 2003.

Toyota tyres USA likes so many tyre companies these days.

So, look to motorsport for consumer recognition for their tyre products.

I have always had a sweet spot for Toyo tyres here in the UK. They were always a great tyre company to deal with. Toyo were always helpful when it came to credit terms and product awareness campaigns.

In fact, we very often bought their tyre in containers,

such was there popularity in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Although all this was over ten years ago, we still get some of our customers asking for Toyota and tyre products. Things came to an end, though, when Toyota decided to do what so many other tyre manufacturers do and distribute their tyres through wholesaling companies.

Toyo Tyre USA has been the long-time tyre supplier and supporter of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and is now signing a new contract from 2016 to the 2020 race season. Toyo Tyre USA is also supporting the prestigious 25-Hours of Thunder hill, the longest endurance road race in North America.

Research and development

Like many other tyre makers Toyo Tyre USA, use these races for the research and development of the tyre products that will eventually end up on normal standard road cars. The name Proxes was developed from a broad range of racing tyres.

NASA races are split into many car types and categories.

Toyo use the Toyo Proxes RR two-groove DOT competition tyre in many of these classes. These include the Honda Challenge, Spec E30 cars, Spec E46 cars and many more. Toyota has also recently added the Spec Z class for Nissan 350Zs to the list of spec classes.

To learn more about the Proxes line competition and UHP tyres, go to www.toyotires.com.


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