Michelin CrossClimate NHS Blood-Transplant selects Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres

Michelin CrossClimate NHS Blood-Transplant

Michelin CrossClimate NHS Blood-TransplantNHS Blood and Transplant has adopted Michelin CrossClimate + tyres for its 45 Ford Focus Estate rapid response vehicles.

Michelin CrossClimate NHS Blood-Transplant

An article from the “Fleet news” about the choice of the Michelin CrossClimate + tyres  for the NHS blood and transplant vehicles. For this reason, these cars are always seen going flat out with their valuable cargo from one hospital to another.

To me it is a non-brainer. Hence, to fit the safest all round tyre. Thus, for the purpose of emergency delivering at a high speed. Therefore, it does not stand thinking about. These vehicles should have the best tyres available for the job.

Well worth a look at if you are thinking of a new set of tyres. Michelin have come up with a great  and safer tyre product.

Eric Roberts

Source: NHS Blood and Transplant selects Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres