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Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Just have a think for a moment, how many convertible 4WDs have you seen? That’s right – none. Unless you’ve been into a Range Rover dealership in the last few weeks. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible went on sale this week, and to see if it was all looks no delivery, we ventured to Queensland’s Fraser Island to give it a crack on some narrow bush tracks, soft sand and open beaches. The Evoque look

Nothing special about this post. Naturally, the Range Rovers appeal to many of the motoring public. Thus, including many of my customers. In Halifax, we have a Range Rover main dealer. So we get many of the second and third hand cars in for servicing and repair work.

Not forgetting the General Grabber tyres and batteries. This Evoque looks great and well worth a look at although it is in Australia?

Of course the Range Rover models are very popular in the Halifax area of the UK. So, there are a few reasons for this! Mainly, because we have a Range Rover main dealer in the Calderdale area.

So, these vehicles are also very popular with the farming community. If only because of the vehicles good performance in bad conditions. Halifax of course is a very hilly area. So, when bad weather prevails then these vehicle are well up to the task of coping with snow and ice.

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