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Waste tyres-2- California re-used them in rivers and beaches to stop erosion.

waste tyres

But efforts to use the trash as building materials offer new hope.


Source: www.hcn.org

Wow this is yet another great innovation, coming out of California?

I must admit that i have seen something like this in the past, but on a smaller scale, and waste tyres were used were left whole. These used on a grander scale have had the sidewalls removed.?

I guess that this makes the wall more stable that leaving the sidewalls on. On a local note the guy who lives next door to my tyre depot in Halifax Yorkshire UK, did a similar thing, but did it with whole tyres. At first it all went well but after a year the whole thing collapsed into the valley bellow.

I am sure that this will not happen in California though, they will have given the problem much more thought. It looks good and uses up waste, end of life tyres,GREAT!


Many new ways of using old rubber tyres

Over the past two years. I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of new ways that have come to my notice to use up scrap tyres at the end of their life .
There are many things from fashion items to garden ornaments. On a larger scale the use of rubber pellets. Thus, to mix with tarmac to construct new roads and re-lay old ones. It is not too long ago that the world had a gigantic problem.

So, of disposing of the toxic old tyres. But ingenious ways have moved us on and although things are not perfect. Then we are moving in the right direction and many great ideas have emerged. For used tyres to be re-used and re-cycled.
This idea used in California is no exception to the rule. The waste tyres are used to build sea walls and buffers to protect beaches and river beds. As you can see in the image the

waste tyres
lady bird planters made from waste tyres

sidewalls are removed. Hence, just leaving the centre of the waste tyres intact. These are filled with soil and then planted and they look really good and sturdy.
On a smaller scale. People paint the old waste tyres and use in a garden display. I was not sure about this in the first place. But my wife and I had a go and they looked pretty good. The old tyres retain moister and warmth and the plants love this growing environment.

We have also been successful in growing vegetables. In old car tyres that are stacked up in three’s and fours. This is especially good for growing potatoes, because you can remove the top tyres to get at the potatoes, when they have grown.
Old tyres are also used to re-establish coral reefs and it has been found that they make great hiding and breeding places for fish and molluscs, so there may be further under water ideas to be considered for using waste tyres in the lakes and seas of the world.
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