yt 2259 Testing Continentals ExtremeContact DWS 06 Tire Rack

Testing Continental ExtremeContact

Testing Continental ExtremeContact

Testing Continental ExtremeContact
Testing Continental ExtremeContact

Testing Continental ExtremeContact

Continental tyres do not like the term

all-season“. I too think that new terminology is required and is an old, stale tyre term.

The term of “all-season”, in my opinion, means neither one or another. It reminds me of poor quality and performance in any weather. The tyre was originally made for the motorists who did not want to change over from summer tyres to winter tyres.

It became a sort of half-way house,

 if you get my drift. You will find that this is still the case today. In recent years, we have found that drivers are reverting to the real thing. Consequently, drivers are now buying winter tyres.

Also, companies such as Michelin, are bringing out a different winter/summer tyre combination, they call the  Cross/Climate. Continental tyres have also brought out the Continental Contact CT22. Different countries have different tyre requirements. Including Europe and the USA.

Testing Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS 06

The difference is in the north and south. The north being much colder and requiring winter tyres. The southern countries use mainly summer tyres.The different conditions, includes countries, like the UK.  In many parts of Europe, it’s the law for people to switch to winter tyres during the cold months or you’ll be fined.

The choice these days is fantastic. Tyre producers are bringing out new safer products all the time. There is a tyre out there to suit your driving conditions and pocket. If you are not sure, then call in to see your local independent tyre dealer.

Timing may be everything.

Certainly, in the Ultra High-Performance All-Season category, the timing was right for Continental when they launched the original Extreme Contact DWS. Six years later, it’s time for their next Ultra High-Performance All-Season tyre, the Extreme Contact DWS 06.

The Extreme Contact DWS06 is not available on the European tyre market. However, the ContiWinterContact™ TS 850 and the ContiWinterContact TS 830 are available to fit many car models.

Does this new design offer more than just a strong family resemblance?

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