Winter tyre market in Belgium

Winter tyre market in Belgium

Winter tyre market in Belgium

Winter tyre market in Belgium
Winter tyre market in Belgium

New report explores the winter tyre market in Belgium that is expected to grow …

Winter tyre growth expected for Belgium

This week will see the start of colder night in some parts of Europe. The prediction is that the El Niño weather system. So will start again this year and affect the world’s climate and the Winter tyre market . Here in the UK it affects our winter temperatures. Most winters we suffer periods of very cold weather which bring us snow and ice.

Car drivers have in the past been caught out by these sudden snow storms.

Even whole motorways (M11) have been cut off, leaving thousands of cars stranded. Caused by their summer tyres skidding and getting their cars stuck.

In my opinion the UK has woke up to our winters. Consequently, we have seen a big surge of drivers fitting winter tyres to their cars. At the same time with a large increase in the Winter tyre market . This has been a good move . So, like the UK drivers in Belgium are waking up to the idea of fitting winter tyres.

Winter tyres are called all sorts of names. Including snow tyres, all-season tyres and cold weather tyres. In general these tyres do the

Winter tyre market
Snow Flake emblem on the tyres sidewall the winter tyre marking

same job and are most beneficial to drivers in winter.

Today’s winter tyres are a different animal. For the most part, to the ones when I first started in the tyre industry. Early winter tyres were virtually a summer tyre casing. In effect, it fitted out with a very tread pattern (similar to my image of an early Firestone winter tyre).

New tyres for winter use have been developed. Importantly, through the tyre companies involvement in motorsport. Especially when rallying, tyres needed to grip. Especially in very bad conditions and bad weather.

The whole tyre structure had to be developed

Of course, to give modern cars the ride that they were used to. This meant more flexible casings in low temperatures. Silica was going to be the answer? It enabled tyres to flex more in lower temperatures.

This, combined with modern tread pattern design, brought out new winter tyre designs, which performed very well on new car designs such  as SUV’s and luxury saloons.

Belgium, like all the other European countries,

is no exception to the rules, and the winter tyre market is expected to grow as safety-conscious motorists lower their risks to bad winter weather.

The new revolution will be an improvement in all-weather tyre. If these are fitted to your car, then there will be no need to fit winter tyres. These tyres will be fitted year-round.

I feel that this will be the main aim of the tyre companies in future.

The trend has already been started with the excellent Michelin CrossClimate. This tyre is already proving to be popular, and only time will tell whether this type of tyre will replace the traditional winter tyres.

Of course we also highly recommend Falken winter tyres.

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