Part Worn Tyres Fines Double

Part Worn Tyres Fines Double

Part Worn Tyres Fines Double

Part Worn Tyres Fines Double
Part Worn Tyres Fines Double

  Part Worn Tyres; The number of motorists fined by Auckland Council parking wardens for having unsafe tyres has almost doubled in the past three years. – New Zealand Herald

What will help to control this out-of-hand practice of selling illegally worn tyres?. Right on Auckland and may, many others follow their suite.

Some Authorities are clamping down on the part used tyre sellers.
Trading standard officers all over the world are gradually clamping down on these hot part used tyre dealers. There is no doubt in my mind that this is indeed a western world problem that has raised its ugly head again since the early 1990’s.

It is also no coincidence: Part Worn Tyres Fines Double

that these operations (selling illegal part worn tyres) are carried out by the immigrant population, especially here in the UK.
Small, what I call bucket shops, have opened up all over the place, at the same rate as the car washes. In fact, the two types of operation are linked; car washes usually sell worn tyres.

Part-worn tyres- Part Worn Tyres Fines Double

We have seen this all before, but the authorities seem to have turned a blind eye to the matter. Here in the UK, a law was introduced to regulate the quality of part worn tyres sold; this was in 1994.

Things started to improve. Furthermore, with the onset of the financial crisis, cash-strapped families became an easy target for the part used tyre market. We now know that 22% of the tyre buying public have bought part worn tyres. A huge slice of the tyre market, almost a ¼ of tyres purchased are part worn’s.
It is also no coincidence that the number of tyre related road accidents have increased. Over the same period. I must repeat myself that I have nothing against selling part worn tyres as long as they come within the present laws.

We have seen a massive increase in the number of tyres removed from cars that were bought as part-worn tyres. Furthermore. they are downright dangerous.
Government departments should deal with the part-worn tyre problem with more vigour.
Indeed, because of the number of tyre-related accidents, it has been announced that various government agencies, including Department for Transport, Highways Agency and Transport for London, have had meetings about the need to improve the standard of tyre safety and help reduce the number of tyre-related incidents and accidents here in the UK.

Part-worn tyres- Part Worn Tyres Fines Double

Stuart Jackson the head of, said.
“It’s clear that the tyre industry has a shared vision of how we can work collaboratively to help reduce road casualties further and with further support from the government, its agencies and other stakeholders, I’m confident we can continue to make a real difference.”
There is no doubt that this was an important meeting, but let us hope that we can get some conclusive results and move on outlawing this despicable trend of selling illegal part worn tyres and restrict it back to third-world countries.

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