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Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres
Pirelli tyres are to take over the supplying of tyres to the F4 racing teams from Yokohama tyres.

The entrants in the 2015 BRDC F4 Championship will race with the same tyre manufacturer as Formula 1, GP2 and GP3 after officials agreed a …

Pirelli tyres

Unfortunately Yokohama were outbid by Pirelli tyres in their quest to supply F4 cars with tyres in the 2015 season.

Tyres like anything else come with a price.Yokohama were undercut in the pricing game. Therefore, the tyre contract was awarded to Pirelli tyres.

I do not not think that this has any detriment. Hence, to the quality of Yokohama tyres. They have proved to be a great product for F4 in the past. But just a decision made on price.

In my opinion, for what it is worth. I think that it is all coming together at last for the Giant Italian tyre company. This in my eyes includes the full spectrum of products. Thus, from the regular car tyres that Pirelli supply. As a result, right up to The F1 racing tyres and all in-between.
The F1 series did not do Pirelli tyres any favours. Because, they experimented with different treads and compounds.

Pirelli tyres

As in most things one product does not necessarily suit all. Racing teams were up in arms. As things did not go right in the tyre department. But as time went on Pirelli  started to straighten themselves out. I think that the race teams became more confident. After all Pirelli  are a great company and they are no fools. Anyhow, as far as making tyres is concerned.

pirelli tyres
Pirelli ice runflat a product probably developed from the car rally scene

Pirelli are expecting the 2015 race season to be run at a faster pace and will adopt a more aggressive approach. The first year in 2013 saw Pirelli tyres taking a few hits as they grappled with the different tyre compounds, that brought them some bad publicity, but 2014 brought them a much quieter year and saw them regain some ground. One of the reasons could have been something to do with the new racing rules that were introduced, taking the ball away from Pirelli  for a change.
Pirelli tyres think that the F1 tyres will be pushed harder again in 2015.

Pirelli tyres

However with the start of the 2015 season, Pirelli tyres are expecting that their tyres will be once again pushed to the limits with the development of the F1 cars engines. The F1 cars are thought to be going to be pushed harder this year which will put extra pressure on the tyres once again.
Pirelli  will be keeping things much the same in 2015. With the possible exception of super soft compound tyre. Which will have a much broader heat range offering the racing teams extra chances in the correct driving conditions. This tyre is going to be used on the rear of the car and will be another short development in the progression of the F1 tyre development.

Pirelli tyres also take over the supply of tyres to F4 racing

In another development.  Pirelli  have secured the contract to supply tyres to the BDRC F4 cars for the 2015 race season. This contract was previously held by the excellent Yokohama tyres of Japan. I have to say though that this is not a bad reflection on Yokohama tyres, the deal was carried out on a purely monetary basis, with a few politics thrown in.

Pirelli are also supplying a variety of rally tyres to various rally groups and in my opinion are now extending the good name that they are now receiving from tyre development in general bringing out excellent tyre products across the entire car marketplace.
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