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Yokohama run-flat sports tyres

Yokohama run-flat sports tyres

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Yokohama tyres. Are one of the world’s most up and coming tyre companies. Hence, they have achieved this by developing an excellent tyre range available to the public. As a result, this tyre range has been developed. Together,  with the aid of research and development. So, through their involvement in motorsport.

Yokohama once only appealed to the younger, sportier driver.

But it is now acclaimed as one of the best car tyres available. hence, for all classes of driver. naturally, from the sports hatch to the lucrative SUV market.

The news is now out. Yokohama having brought out a new run-flat tyre. Thereby, the Yokohama Advan Sport ZPS run-flat tyres. Like all run-flat tyres that are made. Thus, the Yokohama will have much strengthened sidewalls. Of course, that will allow the car to run on . After a rapid tyre deflation. This enables the driver to drive their car at 50 mph. Thus, for up to 50 miles to get the tyre changed.

Yokohama run-flat sports tyres

Many drivers did not like the idea at first. But they can be a real lifesaver. I especially think that they are now more appreciated. The Yokohama run-flat sports tyres. Therefore, it will run alongside the Yokohama Advan Sport tyres. Which also comes on many German car models. Such as Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi, and now including Bentley cars. Yokohama run-flat sports tyres
The Yokohama run-flats will be fitted on BMW’s in the factory, including the Mini’s, and will be available from Yokohama stockists such as Pellon Tyres in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.
The new run-flat tyre is manufactured using Yokohama’s latest compound technology, enabling excellent grip and safety to be maintained at all times.

The new tyres will also have specially designed

bead wire on Yokohama Advan Sport ZPS run-flat tyres from Yokohama Tyres ensures that the tyre remains in good contact with the alloy wheel rim when in use. This bead wire, along with the bead filler, ensures that the tyre gives the car a rigid and comfortable ride all the time.
The new Yokohama run-flat sports tyres will just slot in the already impressive range of tyres from this exceptional Japanese tyre manufacturer.
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