Tyre Repair Area-Tyre Puncture Repairs On car tyres  

Tyre Repair Area
Tyre Repair Area

Tyre Repair Area

Naturally, when an object pierces through the tyre and penetrates the Inner liner. Hence, it creates an escape route for the tyres air pressure to leak out.

This is a great clear image? In other words, it is self-explanatory. Thus, shows the exact area  where a tyre can be repaired legally. We have all seen the back street part worn tyre operations. That are springing up here in the UK. Unfortunately, these guys have no morals! and will repair a tyre wherever they can. In the sidewall  and shoulder. They have no respect for road safety, sadly, many people carry on buying from them.

Here at Pellon tyres in Halifax. So, we have a steady stream of customers with puncture repair problems. The problem is either they can’t see the object that has penetrated their tyre. Or they can see it but the don’t know where the correct Tyre Repair Area is. Of course, in order to carry out a legal repair.

To be truthful 75% of tyres are in the legal area and can be repaired. Here at Pellon Tyre in Halifax Yorkshire UK, we charge a fee £15.90 for a complete and legal repair job. Including re-balancing the wheel, and of course, testing the tyre in water for the possibility of further objects.

What we often find is that the tyre has been penetrated by say two screws or nails, and may require two repairs to be carried out. Two repairs are the maximum number of repairs that we would carry out on one tyre.

One  of the other major problems with flat tyres is the leaking alloy wheel. This is caused by the corrosion of the alloy metal, between the tyre and wheel bead area. We can see air bubbles coming from the bead area when the wheel is submerged in a bath of water.

To correct this we simply remove the tyre from the wheel and give the wheel a good clean with a wire brush. We then apply a special bead sealing paste to the wheel and re-fit the tyre. We then re-check the wheel assembly in the water bath and fit the wheel back onto the car, job done?

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