WHY ROTATE TYRES?-Car owners do not rotate their tyres anymore? Kal Tire



Why rotate tires? Next to inflating your tires to the proper air pressure, tire rotations are an easy and inexpensive way to extend the life of your tire.


Tyre rotation, became very popular when the radial tyres first came out. Hence, it was a way of increasing tyre life. Because, wheel alignment machines were not very accurate and difficult to use. Tyre care has evolved with the development of the wheel alignment machines.

Therefore, we are now more likely to have a wheel alignment, than to have the wheels rotated. Of course, it is easy to rotate the wheels of your car, when it is in for a service. In my opinion we should rotate the wheels and then carry out a wheel alignment.

Consequently, when a tyre wears out on one side then changing the wheels round will not correct the tyre wear. Because it is the casing that deformes. This wears out the tread unevenly. We have all seen our tyres worn out at the edges, with perfectly good tread in the centre of the tyre.

In my opinion the damage has been done and this tyre will not be corrected by switching it around. In this case, all I would do is to have the car wheel alignment corrected.

So if you have time to change your wheels round. Of course, you should re-check the tyre pressures and have a new wheel alignment carried out.

Source: WHY ROTATE TIRES? – Kal Tire