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Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres
Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Cruising the alpine roads of nothing Italy with Winter Sottozero Tyres #ThePerfectFit, and #Maserati.

Winter Sottozero Tyres: This is the stuff that proves the benefits of fitting winter tyres. These top-of-the market sports saloons can really show off when

driven with the correct tyres for the job?

in this case, the Pirelli Sottozero 3 tyres. Italian flare car use Italian flare tyres, a great combination. Pirelli also produces many other great winter tyre products, including the one in the picture, the Scorpion Ice winter tyre.

The Winter Sottozero Tyres

are a product that has been developed by Pirelli tyres to fit the super car range, including this Maserati. These cars are well equipped to speed down the German motorway system at 150 MPH and then drive up the snow-covered mountain roads that lead to the ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland.

For small to medium cars, then the Pirelli Cinturato All season is the tyre for them. This tyre can be left on the car all year. If, however, you live in a more northern area with heavy snowfalls, then i would suggest that you go for the Scorpio Ice and Snow tyre.

This tyre is a more aggressive tyre

in the snow and ice of countries such as Norway and Sweden, which are likely to witness very harsh winters. These recommendations are, of course, aimed at the driver who is a complete Pirelli tyre fan. Other tyre brands are just as good but Pirelli have a very good name and a large following

The more up-to-date type of vehicle driver would own an SUV. it is most advisable to fit all-weather or winter tyres to these vehicle, as most of them are useless in bad weather. For this reason, Pirelli advises the Scorpion Winter.

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