Fulda SportControl 2: Goodyear launches Fulda UHP tyre : Tyrepress

Fulda SportControl

Fulda SportControl

Fulda SportControl

Tyres that take me back a few years. Because, I remember when we were Fulda tyre dealers. Of course, it was in the days when the  Fulda parent company, Goodyear. Allowed us to sell Fulda as our main product.

Fulda are a very good mid-range tyre. For this purpose the Fulda products helped my business to grow. Because, our customers like a bargain. For this reason, that mid-range tyres offer a better deal  for the consumer.

Mid-range tyres are made from the same materials and technologies as the parent company. In this case Goodyear tyres. So you are getting a Goodyear tyre for less money.

Moving into 2020 then Fulda tyres are still very little known. These tyres were certainly more available to tyre dealers in my early years in the tyre trade.

A new Fulda summer ultra-high performance tyre, is now available, and Goodyear says this latest generation product provides “enhanced performance on wet and dry roads.” The tyre…

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