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Goodyear spherical tyre – takes autonomous cars sideways into the future

Goodyear Spherical Tyre

Goodyear spherical tyre-Goodyear has taken the wraps off two concept tyres designed for the autonomous cars of tomorrow – including a spherical tyre that allows cars to drive sideways and one that can sense road conditions and adapt to them. …

Due to modern manufacturing techniques, tyres can be made to take any special sidewall markings or tread designs that they want. This Goodyear concept tyre is a fine example of that, and what a stunner it looks?

This comes along with the news that Goodyear in partnership with the Luxembourg government, are to build a lucrative technical centre. This will replace the present facilities and house about one thousand Goodyear employees. This will include around one thousand scientists, tyre engineers and development technicians. The whole new location is expected to accommodate over four thousand workers.

These are the guys who helped to develop the new type of tyre, and many other new Goodyear and Fulda tyre products.

Goodyear have still got a wire plant in Bissen

Luxembourg, for making bead and steel wire for radial tyres. This will be closed and the land sold off to the Luxembourg government. The development of the Luxembourg Automotive Campus. So, will create business growth and development opportunities. Consequently, inside of the European automotive sector for the Goodyear Company.  It is also going to create the same opportunities. Naturally, for its campus partners and also the country of Luxembourg.

As one of the founding partners and one of the first to move into the new facility at the Campus. Hence, Goodyear looks forward to joining in with other progressive automotive companies. Especially, on the design, testing and hatching of new concepts and ideas. Importantly, once again such as the concept tyre, the Goodyear spherical tyre.

I have been very fortunate in visiting one of the Goodyear facilities in Luxembourg and would like to wish Goodyear good luck in the new venture.

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