Having Four Good Tyres-The Importance of Having a Good Set of Tyres

Having Four Good Tyres

So, in all honesty, I think that most motorists take their tyres for granted? All you have to do is spend a day in my tyre centre. Here in Halifax UK and listen to what the customers have to say.

With all the focus on the internet. Hence the tyre dealers are scrambling to try and get their share of the online market? Although it is a reality. The internet is not all that it is cracked up to be. It is said that the internet sales are at the moment 20% of the tyre market and growing at a steady pace.

This leaves us with the other 80%? We are not looking for all cars to

Having Four Good Tyres
Having Four Good Tyres

have four good tyres. Hence, all the time. In fact, many of our customers change their tyres in pairs. This is usually the case. Because of the way that modern cars wear their tyres on the front or rear. Of course, depending on the drive of the car, front wheel drive cars usually wear down the front tyres first.

Going back to where I started. If you did spend a day in my tyre centre. Then you would find that many of our customers. So, leave their entire tyre problems to us?

They do not know the tyre size and have not got a clue if their tyres are illegal or not. These people will not be shopping on the internet for tyres. Four good tyres are all they are looking for, and they rely on us to look after their tyre requirements.

Another proof of this is when we first started our “tyre hotel” scheme. We were and still are inundated with customers, taking our advice and trusting us, when it came to winter tyres and storing their summer tyres. This proves the level of trust that our customers have and in my opinion, will never be replaced by the internet.

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