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Wheel Alignment does really Matter?-Ivan Kerr Tyres on Twitter

Wheel Alignment does really Matter

Wheel Alignment does really Matter

Wheel Alignment does really Matter


Laser guided wheel balancing. Makes us feel like a Bond baddie! #gsp9700 #roadforcebalance #wevebeenexpectingyou pic.twitter.com/R1oHmoguvo

Wheel Alignment does really Matter for a better ride?

I know the tyre  industry keeps on harping about wheel alignment. Hence, it is a good revenue for us. But it is very important to have a comfortable and safe ride. So when you are driving your car.

The holiday season will be starting here in the UK very shortly and many families will be heading off on their holidays. Hoe annoying is it to find that two miles down the motorway, you car starts to pull to the left or the right and you are constantly trying to keep the car in a straight line.

Most drivers are now familiar with the fact that Wheel Alignment does really Matter? When they have new tyres fitted, they will very often ask for a wheel alignment check. Tyres are very expensive items and the drivers now know that the new tyres can be scuffed off very quickly if the wheel alignment is is not correctly set up.

wheel alignment does really matter
This tyre looks like it has developed a fault.This looks like poor wheel alignment or a faulty steering part such as a ball joint

Another common alignment fault is that the cars steering wheel has to be constantly corrected. So as your car pulls to the left or the right, as you are driving along. This is very uncomfortable? A simple wheel alignment adjustment will correct this, nine out of ten times, so Wheel Alignment does really Matter.

The other bad experience is a “wheel wobble”?

This is when your car steering wheel starts to shake at a certain speed. It it usually right on the speed limit(70 mph) here in the UK.

You have to drive slower or faster to be able to drive the car more comfortably, without the steering wheel shaking you to bits.

The best thing is to have your wheel alignment and wheel balancing checked the week before you set off on your journey. You knoe it makes sense.


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Wheel Alignment Problems- AND HOW TO FIX Them-Check your car out

Wheel Alignment Problems

wheel alignment problems

Fixing wheel alignment problems should not take too much stress. Check the following and fix your wheel alignment problems in standby.

Source: automedicsafrica.com

Another good article about your wheel alignment?

I guess that it is coming up to that time of year. When it is time to blow all the winter cob webs off your car. Therefore,  prepare it for the summer ahead (if we have one?)

Car servicing is all important. So is wheel alignment. Not only does it wear your tyres down. But at a much faster rate. Accordingly, it can also affect the way that your car steers.

We have all felt the affects of your cars steering pulling. Either, to the left or right? then this is usually caused by the cars wheel alignment being out alignment. Thus, most of our customers are now becoming familiar with wheel alignment problems?

The obvious problem is that your tyres will wear off at either the inside or the outside edge. This causes premature wear and indeed costs you money. The second most common problem is that their car will try to pull to the left or the right when it is driven?

The best thing to do in my opinion is to start by having your car wheel aligned, when you buy some new tyres. You should then keep an eye on the tyre for any signs of irregular wear. it is also a good idea to have your wheel alignment checked at regular periods. make sure that your garage checks it when you have your car serviced.

if your car is pulling to one side then it very likely to be caused by your alignment being out?

Wheel Alignment Problems

A good tip is also to ask your garage to rotate the wheels over from left to right or back to front. This will give you a more even wear of your tyres. You have probably noticed that on most models of cars, your front tyres wear much quicker that your back tyres.

By changing them over(rotating) them you will get a much even wear and also spread out the cost when you require new tyres. Wheel alignment problems should not be a big deal and should be a part of your regular car servicing.


Wheel alignment Necessary-Have you checked yours recently? It could save you money and tyre wear.

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Wheel alignment Necessary

STAFF at a car care and motorcycle maintenance centre in Somerset are asking motorists to check their vehicles’ wheel alignment to help save them money on fuel costs (March, 2015).  Autoserv…

wheel alignment is something that the tyre trade are always harping on about.

To be truthful drivers usually do have the cars alignment checked. Of course, when they have new tyres fitted. The thing is that it really does save you money. In the long run. If your wheels are not aligned correctly. Consequently, then it firstly it means that your nice new, probably expensive tyres will scrub off.

This happens on the inside or the outside edges of the tyres. Therefore,  could cost you half the life of your tyres. I love showing the images of tyres that we have removed here in Halifax Yorkshire UK.

One of the problems that we have is when we are very busy. Hence, such as this week with a bank holiday coming up for Easter. Motorists want their new tyres fitting at once. Because of this we do not have time to carry out the free wheel alignment checks that we normally do.

wheel alignment

We always point out to the customers that the car is out of alignment , but they forget and fail to return to get the work carried out.

Another problem that the motorists get with out of alignment cars is the the steering wheel is not straight and the car pulls to one side. in this case as well as doing the alignment, we have to also straighten their steering wheel. Depending which model the car is then we may have to charge a little extra, especially if the car is fitted with steering sensors, like some of the BMW’s and Mercedes cars.

This means that when the job is complete then we have to reset the warning light with a special computer the we had to buy(although the computer does other functions, besides that).

Bringing this post to 2022, we now use the latest computer based four wheel tracking equipment. So, this modern machine will be capable of adjusting camber and caster as well as the tracking.

A good wheel alignment guide can be found on…http://www.pellontyres.co.uk/TyreInfo/GuideToAlignment

Source: www.westerndailypress.co.uk