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All Goodyear/Dunlop Tyres Stuff

All Goodyear/Dunlop Tyres Stuff

Naturally, the compound on the Goodyear/Dunlop tyres, is generated from computers. Of course, to provide the tyres with tread pattern. Including, high-void all-terrain pattern with interlocking tread blocks.

Subsequently, this is also backed by placing the sipes. So, in a way that rejects and throws out pieces of grit and gravel. At one time tyres with many sipes would also be noisy when driving on normal tarmac roads. The Goodyear/Dunlop tyres, with all their siping can now run much quieter, on normal tarmac roads, due to the computer design

Goodyear Tyres Rice Husks-reaches supply agreements for Rice Husk Ash Silica | ET Auto

Goodyear Tyres Rice Husks

Goodyear Tyres Rice Husks


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Goodyear tyres rice husks

Goodyear tyres Rice Husks for Silica
This is a great double edged sword. Hence, what used to be a waste product. Then, dumped into landfill as plant waste products. Thus, has now been tested and tried over the past two years. Of course, by Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company. Rice husks are used to produce “silica” which is a product that is used in the production of tyres.
The silica is used in the production of the rubber compound mix that makes the tyres and the silica gives the tyres extra strength and reduces rolling resistance. This in turn improves the tyres better overall fuel economy and therefore makes the tyre have “greener” credentials.

Goodyear Tyres Rice Husks

The Goodyear rubber company history is full of other tyre innovations that were created in the past. In more recent times Goodyear started to test the use of “soybean” oil in their tyres to reduce the amount of petrol-chemical based oils by up to seven million gallons a year, a great achievement.
Goodyear tyres Rice Husks are burned and turned to ash. It is this ash that they produce the silica from. The ash is first used to help generate electricity and then traditionally put into landfill, but now can be transformed into silica for use in tyre manufacturing.

Joseph Zekoski, chief technical officer at Goodyear said, “The use of rice husk ash will provide Goodyear an alternative source of silica while helping reduce the amount of rice husk waste being land filled,” “The use of rice husk ash will provide Goodyear an alternative source of silica while helping reduce the amount of rice husk waste being land filled,”

Goodyear Tyres Rice Husks

The race is now on by all the leading tyre companies to become environmentally friendly companies. It is hard to believe that not so long ago tyre manufacturing plants were very dark and dirty places. In my time I have visited several tyre manufacturing plants and these were the least environmentally friendly companies, on the planet.
Now though things have changed and you can eat your dinner off the floor in most of the factories now.
Eric Roberts


Goodyear Innovations-Goodyear Quality will always show through making better tyres

Goodyear Innovations

Goodyear Innovations

At Goodyear we’ve been driven by innovations since 1898. Find out more about our work at the leading edge of research and development.

Goodyear Innovations have always been at the leading edge of tyre technology, including the development of the futuristic tyre, the “Biolsoprene” concept tyres.

Goodyear tyres have always been a favorite of mine, mainly because i worked for them for a number of years, managing some of their retail tyre depots.

“We’re also working hard on more environmentally-friendly products, with the BioIsoprene™ concept tyre – a tyre made of renewable biomass” – unveiled at the 2012 Climate Conference in Copenhagen.
Goodyear innovations. Have always kept the giant tyre company in the world’s leading positions. Goodyear rubber company history. So, shows that they were there right at the beginning. Thus, when tyres and vulcanisation of rubber were in there early stages. Consequently, in 1839 Charles Goodyear accidentally discovered how to vulcanize rubber. Which could be later made into tyres. Of course, and other rubber products.
In more recent times.  Goodyear introduces two notable advances in tyre design. Hence,Tiempo. The first all-season tyre, and the revolutionary fuel-saving.  Elliptic tyre.

Goodyear Innovations

Goodyear Ultragrips were developed from their involvement with the rally car scene and in the 1970’s they came out with the Goodyear Grand Prix X tyres, famous for the new word out at the time “aquaplaning”.
This made drivers aware of the dangers of driving on wet roads, and the need for their tyres to be able to get rid of the surface water to allow the tyre tread to grip the road. In 1992 Goodyear introduces the first run-on-flat, tire for the Chevrolet Corvette. This is now very popular on some of today’s cars, allowing the driver to continue the journey after a puncture or other tyre deflation.
In 2004 Assurance tyres featuring, TripleTred and ComforTred technology was introduced. These are just a few of the Goodyear innovations over the years.

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Goodyear Ultragrips-Barry Allman – Timeline Photos | Facebook

Goodyear Ultragrips

goodyear ultra-grips

Last rally in our (Barry Musker’s and mine) Anglia . it was all working by now and even NEW tyres Goodyear Ultragrips . we are car 72 now!! a very icy…

Wow this image and the words of Goodyear Ultra-grips take me back to the seventies when I used to fit tyres on some of the Yorkshire stages for Goodyear. The company that I worked for in those days was Tyreservices.

I was manager at their Huddersfield and later their Halifax branch here in Yorkshire. I have told this story many times. We sponsored a lady rally driver by the name of Krissy Ashford. She drove a Ford Escort mk2 in the blue and white colours of Tyreservices, who were owned by Goodyear tyres.

The tyres she used were Goodyear Ultra-grip performance. Consequently, these tyres came in a slick and gravel tread pattern (as far as I can remember). Hence, this was also the time of the Mini’s involvement in rallying. I think she drove on 13 inch Goodyear rally Specials, that were supplied to her by Goodyear and we would fit them for her and change the wheels when required.

Goodyear Ultragrips

We worked from a massive Goodyear truck that was equipped with tyre fitting machines and compressors. We would change the wheels with tyres already built up at our tyre depot in Huddersfield. It was always in winter and freezing cold, but we loved to do this. It was very exciting with all the noise and smells coming from the different rally cars.

I loved the Minis? They were kitted out on 145×10 Goodyear Ultra-grips and were tops either in the forests or on tarmac. I was told by one driver that he preferred these tyres to the 165/70×10 Goodyear Rally Specials.

The Goodyear’s were great. The Ultra-Grip in 145 x 10 were tops in the forests and on tarmac there was not much better than the 165 x 10 Rally Special.

Other tyre brands that wee about in those days were the Dunlop SP 3’s and a bit later Avon tyres used their Arctic Steel radials. The SP3 and the SP Sports were also very popular for rallying in Minis.

Happy days!!!

Eris Roberts

Dunlop Racing Tyres-Talking tyre technology an insight into racing car tyres at Le Mans | Autocar

Dunlop Racing Tyres

dunlop racing tyres

Racing around an 8.47-mile circuit for 24 hours places severe demands on the Dunlop racing tyres used by sports car teams. Here’s how they cope

Dunlop racing division. Will have just finished a busy weekend at the Le Mans 24 hour race meeting in France. The giant Dunlop race tyres trucks. Hence, will be making their way back to the UK . Naturally, to analyze all the data that has been collected during the weekends racing.

This information will be closely investigated and analyzed. Thus, to collate the data that they have collected. For that reason, this will be of great use when deciding which compounds and polymers are used.Thus, in the development of your every day passenger car tyres.

This is what sets the top tyre companies above the rest?

They have got years of knowledge and statistics to look back on when making crucial decisions. Consequently, when it comes to research and development on future tyre products.

Dunlop racing tyres have always had some or other involvement

In the top racing scene the world over. As a result , Would be drivers start out with Dunlop kart racing tyres. So then right up to Dunlop racing motorcycle tyres. Hence, including many of the large car racing events including the prestigious Le Mans 24 hour races.

The top five teams in the LMP2 category were fitted with Dunlop racing tyres in Le Mans. This gave the Dunlop racing tyres the top three spots on the finishing podium in the LMP2 class. The LMP2 stands “LE MANS” PROTOTYPE 2  and is indeed a racing car with no production minimum required.
it is a class of car that will be only available to teams that are independent of car manufacturers and/or engine suppliers.

The top three LMP2 race teams were Oreca, Gibson and Ligier; each team could choose from a different and new range of Dunlop race tyres, this meant that the teams could use different strategies.

Eric Roberts for

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Dunlop Racing introduce new medium compound tyres for Oulton Park – TouringCarTimes

Dunlop Racing

dunlop racing

British Touring Car Championship tyre suppliers Dunlop Race will introduce a new compound medium tyre from this weekend’s round of the championship at Oulton…

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The new “Dunlop Sport Maxx ”

The new “Dunlop Sport Maxx BTCC Medium” compound tyre. Will replace the tyres that were used during the first two race weekends. As a result, at Brands Hatch and Donington Park. Hence, with the Thruxton races having its own special compound. So due to the fact that Thruxton is one  of the country’s fastest circuits.

There will be  changes to the soft compound tyre. Thus, which have helped produce some fantastic racing. Especially,  during the first two  meetings. Which with some car configurations. Therefore,  had been a huge drop-off in car performance after only a few laps.

dunlop race tyres
Dunlop race tyres have always been popular with events and drivers

The new CC Medium” compound  replaces the tyres. Hence, that were used during the first two race weekends.Consequently, at Brands Hatch and Donington Park. As a result, I have said with Thruxton having its own special compound because this is the country’s fastest circuit.

There has been no changes to the soft compound tyre, which in the past had helped create some dynamic races during the first two race meetings.

Dunlop racing can be seen at most race tracks throughout the world.

From small local rallies and race events to the more prestigious World events, such as the Le Mans series of races.

Along with Goodyear tyres we have always followed and supported the Dunlop racing events and have attended some great race meetings that were sponsored by Dunlop racing. As most people know the great two tyre companies formed a new company, Goodyear Dunlop tyres uk ltd.

At the moment both these companies run their racing sections separately with  dunlop racing tyres more prevalent in Europe and Goodyear in America.

Goodyear tests tyres made with rice husks – LifeGate

goodyear tests tyres

Goodyear tests tyres-Goodyears found a way to use rice husks, a natural waste material to be employed for several applications.


Goodyear tests tyres

Nothing new in the tyre world?

Many tyre companies are testing different products, to replace the conventional methods of using petrochemicals to help make the compound that produces tyres.

Continental tyres in Europe are experimenting with using dandelion sap. This fluid is said to have a very similar molecular structure as to the latex that produces rubber. The dandelions are now grown in vast quantities. They are grown in acres of land near the Continental tyres factories in Germany.

Yokohama tyres of Japan are experimenting with the oil from orange peel. Also a waste product, just like the rice husks that could help create natural silica that will help Goodyear test tyres.

goodyear tyre tests
Rice husks piled high before burning turns them into silicone for Goodyear tyres

For many years now rice husks have been burned and then sent to landfill sites. Goodyear tyre tests have found that this waste product can be made into a type of silica that can be done to mix with the traditional materials that are used in tyre production today.

Goodyear tests tyres

With rice, husks have been carried out over the past two or three years. Thus, and so far the results have been excellent. Naturally, the rice husks derived silica has to be a real impact.

Hence, on the performance of the tyres that have been produced from it.
Of course, the world produces a staggering 700 million tonnes of rice a year. Therefore the disposal of the rice husks has been a great challenge in the past. Thus the traditional way of disposing of the waste. Consequently, has been to burn it and send the resulting ash to a landfill site.
Other ways of turning the rice husk into an environmental friendly way. Hence, has been to burn them to help generate electricity. This combined with Goodyear’s innovation. Thereby, of turning the ash into silicone. So and will undoubtedly help the massive problem of disposing of the waste husks while making a greener tyre.


Goodyear Efficient Grip offer Genuine fuel savings

Goodyear Efficient Grip

goodyear efficient grip

Positive incitement pecuniary resources achieved pro goodyear tyres.: lCqzJZLlj


Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres can make fuel efficient tyres?

Making more fuel efficient tyres, is nothing new. As the owner of my own tyre business for as long as i can remember, i know that in the past years that tyre companies have been made to look for other resources to make tyres out of. The one that sticks out in my mind was the blockade of the Suez Canal in the late sixties. This is a main route for the giant oil tankers from east to west with their giant cargoes of oil.

The world was in turmoil ?

All sorts of ideas were branded about on ,”how governments could save money”. Tyre and other rubber products were affected by this tyre manufacturers had to try and come up with new ideas.In my opinion this was the rise of the budget tyres and car retread tyres also became popular.The 1970’s brought changes in tyre designs including the invention of the safety tyre in 1972 by the Dunlop Tyre Company. T

Goodyear Efficient Grip

This was a great breakthrough. Thus, it meant that the tyre would seal itself  after having a puncture. Hence, caused by a nail or screw. Another breakthrough. Therefore, was the discovery that sipes in the tyre tread would make the tyre safer. Especially, in freezing and bad winter weather.

This now made it possible to make tyres with much less aggressive tread patterns and  with less aggressive tread patterns tyres were much quieter .The largest change and the point that i am getting at brings me to 1973. The oil price problem was one of the reasons that the American car industry changed to radial tyres.

This was the biggest tyre market in the world and the changes were made purely for fuel economy and would have saved billions of dollars, due to the extra miles that the cars would drive by using radial tyres.

Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres are now one of the latest tyre products to come out of an oil crisis. There will be many more in the near future although the price of oil has dropped considerably, who knows?


EfficientGrip is the new double “A rated” tyre from Goodyear tyres giving the motorist a better deal.


efficientgrip tyres
Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres are AA rated the best

EfficientGrip is the new double “A rated” tyre from Goodyear tyres for a better rolling resistance

In my opinion, for what it’s worth, there has not been a more competitive time in the worldwide tyre industry. This new surge for a more prominent place in the tyre market has, in my opinion, been set off by the bigger picture of the race for a greener car.
Tyre companies are looking at the present and also the future with the introduction of many new concept tyre ideas. We also see the modernisation of the present day tyres to offer the car makers and the motorists a better lighter tyre made from non-petroleum products that contain more natural ingredients, such as Yokohama tyres with their “orange peel oil” and Continental tyres using the latex that they produce from “dandelion plants”.

EfficientGrip is the new double

Many other tyre companies are experimenting with improved technologies. Naturally, in the effort to give their tyre products a better “rolling resistance”.  Therefore, give the vehicle on which they are fitted a better and more efficient performance. In other words, making the tyres greener and more environmentally friendly. Hence, a thing that we are all looking at, to make us all the better and a cleaner world to live in. Silica is also used in the tyres tread compound.
For some years now.  Goodyear has developed their tyre technology and testing in two centres. In Akron, Ohio in the USA and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg in Europe. In fact, I have indeed visited the centre in Luxemburg. Thus,  as far back as the days of the Goodyear Grand-Prix S tyres. Consequently, then a new tyre that was developed to dissipate water at a faster rate and improve the traction. In wet weather.

The new Goodyear EfficientGrip released in Geneva Show

This new EfficientGrip Performance tyre. As expected, comes out in eight new sizes with a double” AA” rating.  Which offers consumers a significant advantage when it comes to their cars. Environmental and safety performance. Thus, by reducing the total fuel consumption. Therefore, also the stopping distance of the tyres on wet roads compared to any lower-rated tyres. This is a great coop for the giant tyre maker and this along with the announcement of two new concept tyres, will make a great start to 2015 and throw out the gauntlet to the other leading tyre companies, to come up with something better.


Goodyear Dunlop bring out More AA rated tyres

goodyear dunlop

Goodyear Dunlop has introduced the latest AA rated passenger tyre which incorporates eight sizes and inherits Goodyear’s EfficientGrip Performance Series


More and more of the larger tyre companies are trying to achieve this goal a double A standard well done Goodyear Dunlop

Goodyear Dunlop joined forces in 1999

I have had the pleasure of working for both these giant tyre companies.Of course, before I opened my first tyre retail operation, here in Yorkshire UK.
Dunlop-owned a retail organisation known as “National Tyres”.  I had my first job at was to become their Dewsbury branch.

Because we were owned by Dunlop.Therefore, we had to sell mainly Dunlop products. I can honestly say it was the first step onto the ladder of a lifelong love for the tyre trade.
It was with Dunlop that I first learned about tyres and how they were made. I had many friends in the company, and it was there where I started to gain much confidence in my ability and was promoted to an office position.
To cut a long story short. I had the urge to move on. Therefore, I left national tyres for a better job at a Goodyear subsidiary. In Leeds Called K Nield tyres.

Nields were truck and earthmover specialists, and this took my tyre knowledge to a new higher level, I Loved every minute of working there, but that’s another story.

Goodyear Dunlop

After a very short spell out of the tyre industry. I was offered the job of depot manager with Goodyear tyres. As expected, this was at one of their retail outlets in Huddersfield, Yorkshire UK. Once again I just loved working for this great tyre company.Therefore, after a few successful years as manager. I decided that I could make a go at running my own tyre business. I opened up in Birstall with a good friend and I never looked back; the rest is history.

Goodyear Dunlop

were massive influences in my tyre life. I cannot think more highly of the two giant tyre companies.Accordingly,  who also went on to support me and my new business adventure. At one time or another. Both played a huge part in supplying me helping to promote my tyre business.Thus,  I made some lifelong friends as a bonus.
Over the coming years the tyre business became very competitive and in my opinion there were too many brands in the marketplace, many were owned by the bigger tyre companies.

Rumours were rife about takeovers and buyouts.One of them was the acquisition of Dunlop by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Of course, from Japan.  Who sold tyres for road vehicles with the Dunlop brand from 1985 to 1999.
Then in 1999 Sumitomo RI and Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company.Naturally,  of the USA formed a joint venture and merged. Goodyear tyres obtained the Dunlop tyre assets in Europe and the USA. Sumitomo RI continued to sell Dunlop tyres in other countries.Naturally, some of the different names but used the Dunlop tread patterns.For this reason, such as Regal tyres in South Africa, I can remember these tyres being imported into the UK under the name of Dunlop, using an old Dunlop tread pattern.

Goodyear Dunlop

Dunlop Tyres Europe is now part of the Goodyear Group; which is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious tyre makers, and is now based in Akron, Ohio. They work out of 22 countries and produce annual net sales of $21 billion dollars, working out of 52 tyre making factories.
To my knowledge, Goodyear Dunlop shares the same research and development facilities.Therefore, making excellent variations of both product names. naturally, this includes this latest Goodyear Dunlop product, which comes under the Goodyear Efficient Grip series and is an excellent double A-rated tyre.



Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre-New all-terrain adventure tyre

Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

As many of my readers will know. Of course, I was employed by the mighty Goodyear tyre company. In fact I must thank them for helping me to become the successful owner of my own tyre business. Consequently, here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK.

For this reason, I have always had a close affiliation with the giant tyre company. In addition, to these compliments, Goodyear have always had a good up to date product range. Including, the excellent Wrangler range of tyres.

In my opinion, the Goodyear Wrangler line of off/road tyres have always been amongst the most popular and successful all-terrain tyres of there kind. At least for the last 20 years.

To bring things up to date.  Recent consumer reports placed the new Wrangler tyre  in second place. For instance, against similar products made by other tyre companies. Thus, in the all terrain product groups.

Hence, the only thing that let the tyre down, was the tyres rolling resistance. It is thought that an improvement would have given the Wrangler top spot.

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