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Michelin Race Expertise- joint venture with Nissan DeltaWing The Tyres

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This film shows how French tyre manufacturer, Michelin Race Expertise, created bespoke tyres almost as radical as the Nissan DeltaWing itself for the innovative project. To see …

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

So, this is a good and informative video! About the cooperation between Michelin and Nissan. Consequently, to develop a new tyre for the Nissan Delta Wing race car. Of course, in preparation for the Le Mans race series in France.

One of the things that I was surprised at. Thus, was the super lightweight tyres that Michelin Race Expertise  developed. Including, the front tyres only having a width of 4 inch? wow.

if any tyre company can develop a new tyre. Then it would certainly be Michelin tyres. If they don’t have the expertise. Then nobody does. Michelin have been involved in the motorsport scene ever since tyres began. So, in my opinion they are gearing themselves up to become dominant players. In the top flight of motorsport racing throughout the world.

Michelin Race Expertise will be used to help them win the F1 race series tyre supplier, but not without a fight from Pirelli tyres, I assume?

Another recent article of mine shows how Michelin tyres are also going to bid for the prestigious Australian V8 Super championships. Once again it will be the  Michelin Race Expertise that will probably help then succeed in being the tyre supplier their in place of Dunlop tyre, who are suppliers until 2017.

Michelin tyres of course support the famous Le Mans motorsport events through all car classes including their links with Porsche motorsport. Michelin race expertise was the reason that car producers wanted Michelin to develop a new tyre for luxury car makers such as Porsche.

Well worth a look at?