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Budget SUV tyres had ‘no chance’ in premium comparison – Continental –

Budget SUV tyres

German tyre maker Continental has shared its view on the comparative test of ten budget SUV tyres conducted by Auto Bild Allrad magazine. The tyre maker sees the test – which used its ContiCrossC…

This is the result that i would have expected?

The know how that the giant tyre companies. Have gained, over the years. Therefore, cannot be made up by relatively new players. Thus,  in the tyre manufacturing game.

The knowledge that Continental tyres have acquired. In their many years. hence,  of motorsport participation.  Has gelled the expertise and research and development. Thus, to make an excellent product. Therefore, that the car manufacturers love to fit on their new models.

Budget tyre brands have a long, long way to go, and are in my opinion never going to catch the major tyre companies up. One of the problems with these tyre comparisons, is that we have a problem with some of our drivers, not having the ability to pay the premium cost of these tyres. We would all like expensive clothing, but the biggest clothes retailer at the moment is Primark?

To me this sums up my point of view? Many of my customers here in Halifax Yorkshire, would love to able to afford Continental tyres or Michelin tyres, but they just cannot afford them.

We have to offer them a complete choice of brands including budget SUV tyres.

It is the drivers of the second hand SUV’s that are also suffering from lack of finances. These people usually have a young family and buy an SUV for the extra space that they offer.

Most of these SUV’s are on very large tyre sizes and so are also expensive to buy. This is why the budget SUV tyres are very popular at the moment, they are affordable.

However if you can afford to buy Continental tyres then you are buying a better product than  budget SUV tyres, but any new tyre is miles better than the dreaded part worn?

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