Waste tyre disposal site -Controversy over plans- Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Waste tyre disposal site

Waste tyre disposal site

PLANS for a waste tyre disposal site in a Bradford neighborhood have been branded a fire risk by a worried resident.

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In my opinion the residents have a right to be worried. A recent fire in near by Halifax, took two weeks to get under control, sending out thick black toxic smoke.

These Waste tyre disposal site facilities

Therefore, should be miles away in secluded places. We have thousands of such areas. Especially,  in the dis-used coal mining areas. Waste tyre disposal has always been a huge problem. Thus, for the industry. In days gone by many of our old tyre casings were indeed remoulded. Consequently, tyre collection companies. Would pay us £1 a tyre to get their hands on them, especially the Michelin casings.

Michelin casings were and still are regarded as the best. As a result,  and so were much sought after for remoulding. However, things changed when we started to import from China. Cheap car tyres for sale. As a result, are a common site in tyre adverts. This diminished the remould car tyres industry virtually overnight.

Many well known names closed down. This left the problem of what do we do with our waste tyres? . Therefore, new laws were introduced. Millions of these waste tyres were just dumped in the country side and it became clear that heavy penalties were to be dished out to anybody who was caught tyre dumping.

 Waste tyre disposal site- A new scam business soon emerged. Unscrupulous people were

Waste tyre disposal site
Tyre were often dumped in the countryside and now most old tyres will end up in a Waste tyre disposal site

calling in at tyre retailers and charging £1 to get rid of the old tyres for us. Companies who set up legal tyre collection businesses had to be registered by law.

This cut out much of the tyre dumping and this started to improve in the ways that waste tyres were recycled. The industry now believes that we now recycle many of our old scrap tyres in a green and environmental friendly way in a waste tyre disposal site .

I am not sure though that having a waste tyre pyrolysis plant in a city like Bradford is a good idea. These facilities often catch fire and can take weeks to extinguish, only time will tell?

Eric Roberts


Continental Tyres Cup tickets-Win! St George’s Park experience and FA WSL | FourFourTwo

Continental Tyres Cup tickets

continental tyres cup tickets

Ever fancied going to St George’s Park, the FA’s National Football Centre? What about the FA WSL Continental Tyres Cup?

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Another great competition for  Continental tyres cup tickets to visit the England Ladies training camp.

For a chance to win click the following link…http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2173564/FFTO-Win-a-St-George-s-Park-experience-plus-FA-WSL-tickets

Continental tyres. Thus, are now big backers of the women’s football scene. Consequently,  they are in their third season of sponsorship. Thus, of The FA WSL . Of course, have in recent times made a  four year agreement from 2014-2018. This is to partner the women’s game. Which also reaches out to prestigious   England Women’s Team. Hence, they also support the  FA Women’s Cup. naturally, as well as the newly extended  FA WSL and The FA WSL Continental Cup.  In addition, Continental will continue to support The FA Girls Football Festivals; a national programme to increase participation at grassroots level.

Here in the Yorkshire area Continental tyres have supported the female game at a lower level including supplying new balls and training equipment. Mrs Debbie Bastow of Pellon Tyres in Halifax,Yorkshire recently received some great football equipment from Continental tyres for the team that she runs, Tingley ladies Football team.

Continental tyre cup tickets to see one of the England women’s games will be on offer by entering through the link above .

I have already watched some of the games. As expected, i am impressed at the high level of standards in the female game.

continental tyres cup tickets
Continental supporting local female football.

Continental will also form a small group of sponsors. Thus, who will enjoy access to all levels of the game from high profile awareness via perimeter boards and elite players, through to exclusive activity at grass roots level in the local communities, such as there backing at pellon Tyres for the Tingley ladies team. Will run along side the Continental tyres latest Hotel stay deal that is on from June to the end of September 2015.


Pirelli Tyre Change A great image showing the tyre change speed- with Toro Rosso

Pirelli Tyre Change

peirelli tyre change

Carlos comes in for pit-stop & switches to @pirellisport Soft tyres. Max hasn’t pitted yet, currently P10 #CanadianGP pic.twitter.com/gi0ZuY4ZgQ

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Wow I love pictures like this? A High speed Pirelli Tyre Change

The speed in which the guys in F1 racing change over the wheels and tyres on a pit stop is nothing more than incredible. Although I have never attended an F1 change over, the closest i have is on a F3 visit to Snetterton in Norfolk.

This was an invitation courtesy of Yokohama tyres. They were supporting the touring car championship. Also there were Avon tyres. Avon were supporting the F3 racing. This type of racing is very close to what you would see in the F1 pits. I was amazed at the systems that were in place for a quick tyre change over and the speed in which they did it.

All action, it reminds a little bit about my days at Goodyear when I volunteered to fit tyres to rally cars for Goodyear in the late seventies. Thing were not as quick as the F3 or F1 wheel and Pirelli tyre change, because time was not as important.

pirelli tyre change
A scene like this reminds me of my Goodyear rally experience

We would change the whole wheels from built up wheels the same as all the other race teams have to do. The difference was that the rally cars had four or five wheel nuts to change. This was similar to the standard car wheels that we all drive about in.

Pirelli Tyre Change

pirelli tyres uk were also involved in rallying at that time. We were owned by Goodyear tyres and so all the tyres that were fitted were Goodyear rally tyre products. When the rally cars came into the parking pits, we had to change the already built up wheels.

We would then attend to the tyres that were removed by either repairing them or fitting new tyres. All this was done at speed , but not as fast as the F1 teams? I remember it was very hard work, and the weather was horrendous, including a blizzard and torrential rain.

In the end though it was good fun and a pleasure to be part of a team, and later on in life brought back great memories.

Eric Roberts


Uniroyal Tyres Rainsport 3 A far better and improved tyre than the Rainsport 2

Uniroyal Tyres Rainsport 3

uniroyal tyres rainsport 3 New Improved; Uniroyal Tyres Rainsport 3

uniroyal tyres rainsport 3
Uniroyal Tyres Rainsport 3 with its asymmetric tread pattern.

Have always been a popular choice for the tyre buying public of Halifax here in Yorkshire, UK.
The tyre that has been the most popular has been the Rainsport 2 tyre. This tyre has started to become obsolete and not with the keeping of modern cars and their developments. The tyre has served Uniroyal very well over the years.
I first started to buy tyres from Uniroyal tyres way back, when they had a distribution centre on the Leeds ring road at Seacroft.

This made it easy for us to collect tyres when we needed them. The company was then absorbed into the giant Continental tyre empire. The Seacroft depot was closed down and moved to the Continental distribution centre in Castleford about twenty miles away close to the M62 motorway system.
The Rainsport 2 was a directional tread pattern, but was less responsive than the new  Uniroyal tyres Rainsport 3 . Modern cars require much quieter tyres and so the Rainsport 3 was developed as a non-directional tyre. This has been a common trend amongst tyre companies. Recently though I have noticed that Michelin have introduced the CrossClimate tyre, which has a directional tread pattern?
Uniroyal also make a range of MPV and van tyres called the Rain Max 2 tyres. These tyres offer great stability and grip in wet weather and are a market leader.

The Uniroyal Rainsport 3 tyre is an asymmetric tyre,

which means that the tread pattern is different across the tyre width and the sidewalls are marked inside and outside so that they can be fitted correctly onto the vehicle. These tyres should be replaced or fitted in sets of four. They will give the car much safer cornering and stability at high speeds.
They are available in the Halifax area of Yorkshire from us at Pellon Tyres or can be bought online at http://www.pellontyres.co.uk/TyreSearch/Details/11017/Uniroyal+RainSport+3+20555R16
Eric Roberts

Yokohama’s BluEarth Tyres, For City, Performance and SUV Cars — Which Tyres?

Yokohama’s BluEarth Tyres

yokohamas bluearth tyres

Which Tyres? takes a look at just how ‘Eco’ and eco friendly tyre can be. Yokohama’s BluEarth tyres range starts us rolling.

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Yokohama are one of the worlds leading tyre manufacturers. They are also a great tyre supporter in the motorsport scene. This involvement helps the Japanese tyre company to create better tyre products for the car replacement tyre market.

yokohamas bluearth tyres
Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

one such innovation has been the Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres range of tyres. As Yokohama dealers for their tyres here in Halifax we are big fans of their commitment to the BluEarth range which in my opinion demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally.

The Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres AE-01 tyre developments

Are the results of much of Yokohama’s environmental technology and experience. As a result, the Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres pioneered “Orange Oil technology”. Thus, in which oil from the peel of citrus fruit is used. Hence, to replace some of the more dangerous ingredients in the tyre itself. Therefore, reducing the harmful petroleum-based particles by up to 80 per cent.

Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres feature a combination of “NANO” blend compound technology. Including, external aerodynamic features.Naturally, and lightweight inner liner which makes the tyres more leak-proof and also lighter.
Yokohama is well known for their commitment to the motorsport scene. For this reason, this is where many of the new tyre developments have come from. Including, the race track speeds up research and development for their tyre products. The Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres are made for the replacement tyre market and are aimed at small and mid-range car market; these are the AE-01 tyres.
For the drivers of larger cars. Yokohama have added their most recent addition. Of course, the BluEarth-A (AE-50). Which also uses the latest NANO-blend compound technology. Hence, which improves the levels of wet weather grip and also improves the vehicles fuel efficiency.
Yokohama’s flagship ADVAN Sport (V105) tyres also get the BluEarth treatment in certain sizes. Replacement V105 tyres with Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres technology allows vehicle manufacturers to offer a high grip greener tyre option for their top-of-the-range performance tyre models.

Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres have also won “original Equipment” approval

from Mercedes-Benz for many of its models, the V105 complete with the BluEarth symbol, are factory fitted to the latest S-Class, SL-Class and AMG C63 models.
Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres have also been chosen by many other leading car manufacturers such as Honda and Lexus as “original equipment”. Lexus recently chose the BluEarth E51A tyre as OE fitment for its new Crossover model, the NX in 225/60R18. This tyre also fits the Lexus NX, which also has hybrid engine technology and will be fitted on the range-topping F-Sport and Premier models.
These are great steps forward for the Japanese tyre company who have recently announced a research and development partnership with Kumho Tyres of South Korea, who by the way are also great participants in motorsport, to aid tyre development.
Eric Roberts


Michelin Earthmover Tyres and Giant Truck Tyres keep the Mining Industry on the Move- on Twitter

Michelin Earthmover Tyres

michelin earthmover tyres

When we said we also made BIG tyres, we should have said REALLY BIG! #TyreTuesday #Michelin pic.twitter.com/LRHIIDL2VY

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Love looking at giant tyres like the one in the picture. I spent a period of my life fitting Michelin Earthmover tyres like these and loved the job.

We were based in Leeds here in Yorkshire UK and used to travel all over the country fitting and repairing these monsters.

There is no doubt that my 5 years spent in the world of these Michelin Earthmover tyres, were fantastic and also very informative. You could actually see how a tyre was really made, because of the huge size. We also remoulded and repaired these tyres at our factory and tyre repair shop here in Leeds Yorkshire. This all added to the experience that I gained in those five years.

We were all part of keeping Britain’s mining and road construction

michelin earthmover tyres
Removing a giant tyre using heavy duty equipment, was part of the thrill.

industries alive.

When one of these Michelin Earthmover tyres had any problems,

then we had to be there to put things right and keep these giant dump trucks rolling.

Every thing was on a massive scale to cope with these giants. The tyres were fitted onto the machines using large trucks with heavy lifting gear. We would sometimes have to break the beads with wooden wedges and brute force. This kept us all in trim and i still think that this was the fittest i have ever been in my life?

We also did other tyre makes at that time. The other big tyre company to be involved in Earthmover tyres was Goodyear. Goodyear had a very high level of experience with these giant tyres. Open cast mining was a on a huge scale in America giving the Goodyear Earthmover division much experience.

There is no doubt that all the experience that I gained was to help with my lifelong career in the tyre industry and using earthmover equipment has given me much experiences to right about, including this one.

Eric Roberts


Tyre Industry-A Look At What future is in store for us all from Pellon Tyres

tyre industryOne of the first points to make is where the relationship between the wholesale tyre industry and the retail tyre industry will ultimately end with the combination of the online revolution. I don’t profess to know the answer?

Up to recent times things have been ticking along in the tyre industry, with different online developments coming at us at a leisurely pace. As a progressive tyre retailer these new ideas have helped me move my business on. Instead of moaning about the increase in new web sites, that sell tyres at very low margins, I have joined the “quantity and not quality “brigade.

We became a fitting station for Blackcircles. I must admit at first I did this because I was intrigued at why my customers were buying from Blackcircles (BC) and not from me? I soon realised when speaking to the BC customers that they were not my customers at all. Only one out of the first twenty drivers had ever visited my depot before and not for tyres.

Tyre Industry

It looked like (and still does) that the BC customers were buying the leading brands and would have normally bought the tyres from a national tyre company or Kwik-fit.
We then became a fitting station for the ASDA website. I must admit that I like this system, because although the margins are low, we actually get the full tyre sale.

The system just drives extra traffic. I also did some research as to where the ASDA customers had previously bought tyres and some of these were in fact my old customers. I had mixed feelings about this, but in the end if I had none worked with the ASDA formula then I could have lost the business to whomever else fitted the ASDA tyres in Halifax?
Our next online venture was with the Micheldever online system in conjunction with Cam-Systems stock system. This system is a very good thing for us.

Tyre Industry

It has enabled us to set up our own local prices with a stock that is held at the MD warehouse in Elland just five miles away. This is the type of system that I would recommend for the small tyre retailer. It allows you to change things around and optimize the site for Google and the other search engines.
The big thing I have learned though is that your local customers will look at your website and prices, but will NOT buy online. They will contact you by phone or actually call in with the online price. This proves to me that it does pay to go online but not everybody buys online and also gives some strength to the retailer. I am also a member of Point-S and together with our online presence then our sales are growing.
One or two things have recently come to light? This I have to mention because it may be a different ball game in the near future. As we all know by now the great Michelin have bought a French online retailer and recently Blackcircles here in the UK. In my opinion they will be driving the BC traffic through their ATS tyre retailer chain. They have said that this is what they will do in the rest of Europe and so there is no reason to believe that the UK will be any different?

Tyre Industry

Goodyear tyres did the same thing in America last year and bought an online tyre retailer to sell the Goodyear products direct to the public.
The wholesale sector is also once again trying to muscle in on shaping up a retail empire. Simpletons tyres are now linked with Kwikfit and Micheldever want to double there retail outlets (Pro Tyres).
I must admit though the old saying “what comes around goes around “comes into mind. Those of us old enough can remember all this type of thing before, but it never closed us down; in fact we go from strength to strength.

It will be interesting however though how tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone and Continental will react to Michelin selling their tyre products on the Blackcircles web portal?
Could we develop into an American style tyre retailer system, here in the British tyre industry, where the depots only sell one manufacturer’s product, similar to Michelin now in the Costco Cash and carry outlets?
Only time will tell.
Eric Roberts, Pellon Tyres Halifax Yorkshire. UK

Michelin V8 Supercar tyre- keeps eye on V8 Supercar tyre tender – Speedcafe

Michelin V8 Supercar tyre

Michelin V8 Supercar tyre

Michelin V8 Supercar tyre

The giant French tyre maker, will consider bidding for the next V8 Supercar tyre contract if the category’s regulations change to ‘fit within the company’s DNA’, according the Australia-Asia marketing boss Tony Menard

Dunlop tyres have at the moment the licence tyre contract. Thus, to supply the V8 Supercars with their tyres. As a result,the contract has been held since 2002. Ending, is now set in 2017. Of course, this is when the giant French tyre company, Michelin could make a bid for the new tyre supply contract?

Consequently, Michelin V8 Supercar tyre are also expected to make a bid to supply.The lucrative F1 racing circus. Hence, when the Pirelli contract expires in the near future.


The rules for the Michelin V8 tyre, would have to change according to Tony Menard the  Australia/Asia marketing boss of Michelin, he said ” that Formula 1, which is supplied by Pirelli, and the World Endurance Championship provide the perfect contrasting examples of how a category can work for a tyre brand”

He was setting the table for different rules. Of course, about tyre sizes and compounds. Thus, which are  used at the moment.

I must admit that SKY television have hooked me in. Watching “Motors TV”. Of course, this channel shows everything to do with motorsport. Including the Australian V8 Supercar championships. The cars at the moment are running on Dunlop race tyres. I think though that the V8 Supercar tyre tender for the new season will see a successful bid from the giant French tyre company and the new season will see yet another TV screen full of the Michelin tyre adverts along with the F1 scene. Michelin seem to be pulling out all the stops in their endeavour to retain their top spot in the tyre world.

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Nokian building successful few months – Tire Business – The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Nokian building successful few months

Nokian building successful few months

Nokian building successful few months

As a result, Nokian Winter tyres are made from special compounds that work best at temperatures of 7 degrees or less. Hence,most of Great Britain experiences temperatures. Of course, below this especially between December and February.

Subsequently, we can usually expect frost here in Halifax Yorkshire. Thus, on almost a third of the days of winter. Of course, with this type of Nokian tyre fitted. Then your stopping distance can be well shortened. Consequently, on snow covered and icy roads. Naturally,  your vehicle’s handling will be greatly improved. As a result, reducing the risk of skidding, aquaplaning or sliding.

Obviously, in winter time. So the condition and performance of your tyres is extremely important. Winter tyres have specially designed tread patterns. These include, many more sipes than the summer tyres. Including silica added to the composition of the tyres compounds.

Hence, in order to provide the most effective grip. As a result improving handling and better safety for drivers. Of course, It’s an excellent idea. Therefore, to change to specialist Nokian winter  tyres to improve your winter safety. at the same time increasing your fuel efficiency. Most off all  ensuring the safety of you and your passengers during the winter months.

Safer driving is really important during winter. Therefore, in addition to fitting winter tyres to your car, there are other ways to improve your driving during the colder months:

building on successful few months – Tire Business – The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Brake Check Time-Ensure Your Car Can Stop Properly Using Quality Brakes in Casper WY

Brake Check Time
brake check time

Ensure Your Car or Truck Stop Properly Using Quality Brakes in Casper WY – http://t.co/DdxBOXZY7Z h

Source: www.easy-articles.org

Good brakes are very important? it is brake check time again

However you would be surprised at the number of drivers. Thus, that call into my garage here in Halifax Yorkshire.Panicking about the DREADFUL noise coming from their car when braking. We know straight away what this is likely to be?

The brake pads?

This problem manifests itself. Of course, when the car has not had a service for a long period of time.

When we check the brakes. Then sure enough the car will have worn out brake pads. Usually damaging the  brake discs. As a result, the damage is caused. Because the lining on the pads has worn away completely.So is down to the bare metal. This in turn wears away the metal discs(rotors) causing then to require replacing.

This is why I say that it is brake check time again? The first warm summer weather is about to reach us here in Britain and millions of us will be driving to the coast or a theme park. For many families it will be their first real run out in their cars.

Brake Check Time

This is why it is very important to have your car serviced, even if it is only once a year. Car servicing also includes checking your cars brakes. Alternatively you could simply have your brakes checked at your local garage or auto-centre. many garages do still offer a free brake check. If you see this in your area then take advantage because it really is brake check time again.

Many of our customers here in Halifax Yorkshire are very sensible and do have a service before setting out on a day trip or indeed their annual holidays. We do often see though cars that are broken down at the side of the road. This could be avoided in many cases by having your car serviced or at least make sure that you have checked the car yourself before departing on your next journey,but do not forget that it is brake check time again?

Eric Roberts


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